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Porsche GT3

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Very few car manufacturers has such a renowned racing history as Porsche. With their GT3-cars they pretty much enable FIA-classified sportscars for the public roads. It is 911s without make-up, stripped from otiose luxury, built for one purpose – to be driven like a real track car!

The 991 is built with an entirely new platform, only the third since the first 911 came out in 1963, with four-wheel steering as its biggest perk. With the possibility to adapt rear-axle steering depending on speed, the wheelbase is virtually shortened or extended depending on how fast you drive. In real life this makes the car very agile and the GT3 negotiate tight corners as never before. With red line at 9000 rpm, 600 more than its Mezger antecedent, the engine orchestra plays music better than ever before. In combination with a well-tuned PDK gear-box every acceleration gives an adrenaline rush as every gear change feels like a stallion is trying to brake your back.

Even though both the lack of mechanical steering and an engine without a Mezger-praising  has raised doubts amongst the Porsche-fans to what extent the GT3 can live up to its heritage, all doubts are gone as soon as you drive this enginerical masterpiece. Regardless of what preconception you have you will come to the conclusion that there is very little to complain about with this supercar. Just like exclusive watches, clothes and other luxury products the Porsche makes up the dividing line between the true enthusiast and the show-off. Only a skilled eye can see that the GT3 is a car worth over $150 000. In other terms this car is bought by people with a genuine interest in cars. People who strive to become better drivers and are purely impressed by the car’s performance. Just imagine if that was the case for every sportscar buyer out there…

3 cups


3 cups


325 km/h

Top Speed

$ 235 000


1½ cups


440 Nm


475 Hp


3.5 sek

0-100 km/h


Viktor Ydenius


John Mattisson

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