Following the Lamborghini tradition, the Huracan name is derived from a Spanish fighting bull renowned for its furosity and courage. Even though the Lambo alludes its heritage, the Huracan is a big leap into the future. Inspired by a fighter jet, the young bull is the most technically advanced Lamborghini ever made. In fact, it’s not just the cars design that finds inspiration from the F22, its computer systems do as well. Just like an airplane, three gyroscopes and three accelerometers monitor the exact motion in pitch, yaw and roll, to determine the car’s position on the road. The data is in turn used to adjust the magnetorheological suspension, the steering ratio and tourque distribution through the Haldex all-wheel-drive system. In reality, this so called LPI-system (Lamborghini Piattaforma Inerziale), gives the Huracan immense cornering capabilities and makes it the most agile Lambo yet.

Inside, the cockpit is filled with screens and buttons ordered in airplane-inspired fashion. It is both dramatic and theatrical. The quality level is high and materials like carbon fiber, fine Nappa leather and Alcantara are found throughout. By opening a flip switch, the startup button is revealed – just like a fighter-jet! Underneath its glass cover, the naturally aspirated V10 engine wakes with a resolute roar, letting the neighbours know you´re getting ready for a drive. Fitted with 610 horses, the car launches itself forward in a brutal lunge and the open-valve exhaust conjures pure music. It may be modern, but you can not blame the Huracan for lacking soul!


Viktor Ydenius


Simon Hamelius

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