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The Austrian motorcycle company KTM shocked the world when they unveiled their interpretation of a sports car on the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. Without modern technique and assistance systems they answered to a growing demand of a genuine driver’s car that could deliver the purest driving experience. X-Bow was the result and it is safe to say that you will not experience anything like it on four wheels!

At first glance the car looks like a crossbreed between a wasp and a pitbull. Stripped down from extras like doors, windows, assistance systems and air bags the X-Bow epitomize the term “less is more”. In fact, what you are looking at is basically a carbon fiber monocoque on four wheels, not very far from a Formula 1 car. The removable steering wheel and the absolute need of intercom to be able to speak with your neighbor adds to the race feeling.

Even though the X-Bow’s effect figures might not impress on paper, you’ll have to bear in mind that the entire car weighs in at 890 kg and that the push-rod suspension lowers the center of gravity. Together with aerodynamics derived from open wheel racing, this enables the car to take corners in up to 2 g of lateral acceleration! It speaks for itself, but I can assure you that this car is fast around a bendy track.

Just like a Porsche, the X-Bow can be driven on as well as outside the track since it is completely road legal. However, the latter should only be performed if a necessity. The smile you have when you drive the X-Bow on the track, is quickly wiped off when find yourself below the wheel bolts of a semi truck uncertain if the truck driver has seen you or not.

“...aerodynamics derived from open wheel racing enables the car to take corners in up to 2 g of lateral acceleration!"

3 cups


3 cups


217 km/h

Top Speed

$90 000


1½ cups


310 Nm


237 Hp


3.9 sec

0-100 km/h

For what it’s worth, the X- Bow was never intended to eat miles on a highway and to even compare it to a regular car in that matter is somewhat unfair.  KTM X-Bow is indeed the answer to our long-lived desire of a pure drivers car and that makes it very easy to love.


Viktor Ydenius


Kernasenko J

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