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Dodge Challenger Hellcat


Following the recession and oil crisis during the 70’s, the era of the muscle cars ended abruptly. Ever since, the American manufacturers have tried to revive the legend without success, until now… With the release of the Hellcat, Dodge shows the rest of the world that the brand is to be taken seriously among supercars.

Upon its release it was the strongest muscle car ever produced and the performance figures is still impressing. The 6.2l Supercharged HEMI V8 produces 717 Hp and 881 Nm of torque, which gives the heavy car a lateral acceleration of 2 G. To put things in perspective that corresponds to the g-force experienced in a moon rocket!

Not surprisingly the performance numbers are delivered on the expense of the fuel economy but who cares?! In a time when the car world is going towards downsizing and electrification, Dodge goes the other way and gives everything that is politically correct the middle finger. Thus, a Hellcat might not be the car you buy with reason, but it talks to the hearts of petrol heads giving us a chance to relive the times of muscle cars in the modern day. For many, that is a dream coming true!

3 cups


3 cups


322 km/h

Top Speed

$ 112 000


1½ cups


881 Nm


717 Hk


3.6 sec

0-100 km/h


Viktor Ydenius


Anne Ziegan

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