To the uninitiated a lot of the cars design elements might be mistaken for trinkets, just like the two wings placed in the nose. However, these aeroelasctic winglets flex depending on speed to create optimal down-force. Together with the enormous rear diffusor, in 200 km/h, a down-force of 140 kg is created. In Maranello form and function goes hand in hand.


Taking place in the driver’s seat you quickly realize that the Ferrari’s interior has finally been developed to a level that matches the price tag. Naked carbon fiber, hand stitched leather and Alcantara is found throughout the cockpit in perfect harmony. Everything is centered around the driver, which might not be a surprise knowing that Michael Schumacher himself has taken part of the car’s development. The steering wheel is covered in buttons handling everything from blinkers and head-lights to the Manettino dial to control the cars temper.

In race mode the car is furious and the well balanced chassi makes it an absolute joy to drive. On top of the steering wheel the LED shift lights illuminates as you push the pedal to the metal. You are surrounded by an absolute rock concert provided by the naturally aspirated V8 as you quickly approach red line – wow!

Ferrari 458 is indeed one of the best cars ever build and a modern icon in the supercar world. Its successor, the 488, might be even quicker and easier to drive, but it is equipped with turbochargers that mutes the orchestra that can play freely in the 458. The fact that Ferrari will continue to add turbochargers on its future models, means that engine alone makes the 458 desirable. That in combination of being a great car to drive makes us confident that the Ferrari 458 Italia will keep its iconic status for many years to come.


Viktor Ydenius

Simon Hamelius


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