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Cupra Ateca

Just like the lead singer in a famous rock band, Cupra has decided to go solo and split up with Seat. Well, at least that is what the Spaniards wants to give the appearance of, but backstage it is still the same crew. One could think that the launch of Cupra could be compared to reviving an old artist with new make-up, but it is not. In fact, the new Cupra Ateca feels like a fresh start. A 300 Hp fresh start…

Seat has been involved in racing and rallying for decades. Even though most championships have been claimed within the latter, it is the win of the 1996 FIA 2-Litre World Rally Cup that gave birth to the Cupra brand. Being short for Cup Racing, Cupra was added on the Ibiza road car to celebrate the rally title. Since then the Cupra name is synonymous with an extra adrenaline infusion into Seats road-legal car line up. That is until now…


By launching Cupra as an individual brand, the VW-group does not only want to bring power to the masses, they also want to add sophistication. In a world where everyone is striving to be unique, they hope that people are willing to pay higher margins to achieve that. The Spaniards have worked hard with the overall impression of the Ateca and unlike its predecessors, this is a Seat product that actually looks expensive.

“I never thought a SUV could be this fun, but Cupra Ateca is indeed a lot of bang for the buck!"

Our test vehicle wore the Rodium Grey paint job that went incredibly well with the copper details and the diamond cut 19” alloy wheels. The copper theme was elegantly embedded in the interior with contrast stitching on the Alcantara bucket seats and sport steering wheel, improving the quality feel. Other features like ventilated discs, Brembo brakes and four exhaust pipes revealed that it was the top range model. Even though the Cupra Ateca cost a little extra compared to the regular Ateca, it is unarguably value for money.


Driving wise the Ateca is really a Golf R with a backpack.  The engine, a two-liter turbochared four, is pure hand-me-down from the latter and combined with a stiffened chassis Ateca’s SUV-traits are incredibly well hidden. Regardless of its extra kilos, 300 Hp is more than enough and 0-100 km/h is accomplished at a remarkable 5.2 seconds. With 400 Nm of Torque the four-wheel drive system comes in handy when the Pirelli P Zero tires struggle for grip. I never thought a SUV could be this fun, but Cupra Ateca is indeed a lot of bang for the buck!


247 km/h

Top Speed

400 Nm


300 Hp


5.2 sec

0-100 km/h

$55 000 



Viktor Ydenius


John Mattisson

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